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Six Signs of a Failing Enterprise Architect

How many of these signs have you experienced?

Sun Feb 14 2016 22:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time) 1 min read

Let’s face it, we have all done some of these things at some stage.

  1. You spend most of your working life dealing with consequences of exemptions, rather than the root cause of why people request them.
  2. You Laughed Out Loud when an executive bought a new Mac, and tried to connect to their corporate email. You don’t believe her when she succeeds without any help.
  3. You have spent 8 weeks evaluating enterprise architecture tools. The original request was for a “simple flowcharting tool.”
  4. You never use any of the enterprise software you selected on behalf of the users.
  5. You ignore complaints of poor usability because they don’t understand integration is really, really hard.
  6. You actually sincerely believe you have the knowledge and the capacity to model the organisation as an enterprise architecture.
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