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Hello Tham is a boutique management consulting firm.

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We deliver consulting services to clients around the world. We specialise in Business and IT strategies, operating models, strategic roadmaps, enterprise architecture, analytics and business process design. We also assist our clients in implementing our recommendations, models and strategies. Please click on the buttons below for more information.

Business and IT Strategies, Operating Models, Strategic Roadmaps, Enterprise Architecture, Analytics, Business Process Design

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Ever since our company was established (in 2016), our web site has been built using the industry leading content management system WordPress, currently used in over 60 million websites around the world (according to Wikipedia). Why did we choose to change and rewrite our site completely? Is there something wrong with WordPress? No, WordPress is still great, easy to use, has tons of beautiful…

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We have recently refreshed out website with a brand new look, additional content, and a new hosting environment. Previously, the website was running on an old Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machine on Azure, using the bitnami WordPress image. This required manual operating system patching, and the instance type was fixed and non-scalable. We have now reposted the website using a WordPress Docker Linux…

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When I turned 50, I announced my professional retirement. We had calculated that we have accumulated enough savings to live out the rest of our lives in comfortable obscurity, in “shabby poor” circumstances, and that was fine by us. I could devote the rest of my life in creative pursuits, the occasional travel, and lots of gazing at sunsets and long walks. I wrapped up a current engagement with a…

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In 2017, mainly because I reacting to the unbounded optimism and idealism that were prevalent in attitudes about technology and how it was a force for good and changing our lives, I wrote 5 somewhat dark and pessimistic tech predictions. Surprisingly, I seemed to have caught a trend, and at the beginning of 2018 I created 5 new predictions for the year: Google pivoting Apple stumble Dumb human The…

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