“Junior Janitor”​? Congratulations … I think? Have you been hacked?

I updated my LinkedIn profile last week. I have recently established Hello Tham, a boutique management consulting company that showcases my consulting skills and hopefully those of my associates as well. I have created a company page on LinkedIn, plus I also have a vanity web page at www.hellotham.com.

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How to Avoid FOLO (Fear of Losing Out) and have a satisfying career and life

What is FOLO (Fear of Losing Out)? It is an advanced form of “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO). Singaporeans often call it the “Kiasu” syndrome.

​If you have FOMO, then you have an anxiety that someone somewhere is having a great party that you are missing out on because you forgot to check your email.

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Five Tech Predictions for 2017

I have decided to make some controversial predictions for 2017. I don’t guarantee that these will come true, but I have tried to make them as controversial as possible. Feel free to disagree with me and post your own opinion.

My apologies for the somewhat negative nature of these predictions.

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Adventures with Raspberry Pi3 #2: Emulating 4.3BSD on a VAX

As a sucessor on my previous post, I also did some investigation to see if I can emulate  another classic Unix hardware and software combo, 4.3BSD on a VAX, this time with networking!


DEC introduced the VAX-11/780 in 1977 (coincidentally the year my parents bought me a home computer after strenous amounts of pleading and begging).

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Adventures with Raspberry Pi3 #1: Running Unix v7 on an emulated PDP-11

I bought a Raspberry Pi 3 recently. For those of you that don’t know, the Pi is a tiny and affordable (US$35) computer (roughly the size of a credit card but thicker) created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, for the purpose of teaching children about computers and programming.

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LEGO Visualisations – Combining my love for LEGO, Python and Tableau

I am a lover of LEGO (I think the official term for people like me is “Adult Fan Of LEGO”) and not ashamed to admit i have bought way too many LEGO sets and likely to buy more.

Lately I have also been using Python to do various data ingestion and wrangling tasks (along with R).

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Six Signs of a Failing Enterprise Architect

Let’s face it, we have all done some of these things at some stage.

  1. You spend most of your working life dealing with consequences of exemptions, rather than the root cause of why people request them.
  2. You Laughed Out Loud when an executive bought a new Mac,

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