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Refresh of Hello Tham website

Welcome to the new website!

Sun Jul 21 2019 22:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time) 2 min read

We have recently refreshed out website with a brand new look, additional content, and a new hosting environment.

Previously, the website was running on an old Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machine on Azure, using the bitnami WordPress image. This required manual operating system patching, and the instance type was fixed and non-scalable.

We have now reposted the website using a WordPress Docker Linux container on a scalable Azure AppService environment, connecting to a dedicated MySQL backend Azure Database Service. The new infrastructure is scalable, and is paired with CDN acceleration.

The site continues to be secured and protected using an Extended Validation SSL certificate – your guarantee that we are a legal operating business.

We have also taken the opportunity to completely redesign the website, using the Business Protheme and the Genesis Framework. We have enhanced this theme using Custom CSS. The site also features images consistent with our logo colours and website overall look.

Finally, we have significantly enhanced the content of our web site. Key changes include:

A celebration of 50 Years of Unix
Why I consider myself to be Retired, and why you should too