About Us

what do we do​

Hello Tham is a boutique management consulting firm, registered in Australia (ABN  44 617 279 115). We deliver consulting services to clients around the world.

We specialise in:

  • Business and IT strategies
  • Operating models
  • Strategic roadmaps
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Analytics and Data Science
  • Business process design

We also assist our clients in implementing our recommendations, models and strategies.

​about our logo​​​​​

Our logo reflects who we are and our values.

The Circle reflects our holistic approach to deliver services to our clients. The Eyes reflect the insights we provide to our clients through the outcomes we achieve. The Gear reflects the type of services we provide, which require different parts to interoperate and flow as well as our technology focus.

​what don’t we do

​We don’t do coding, or web design, or designing logos. We don’t do photography either. In other words, the creation of this website ​leverages none of our core competencies.

why should i care​​

That is a great question, and if you are asking it you probably shouldn’t. Our services are unlikely to be relevant to a casual surfer on the Internet, and we don’t normally solicit business over the web, so this site is for vanity purposes rather than marketing. However, if what we offer resonates with you, feel free to contact us through email​.

who took the photographs on this site​​​

I did.

what’s with the p​​​ink all over this site

It’s my favourite colour.